Black Privée Card (Secured) - Prestige and benefits reunited. Get yours regardless of your credit rating.

Use Anywhere & Anytime

Our Privée Card solutions enable businesses to streamline commission, business incentives and travel payments, and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility and security. Make payments globally in USD, GBP or EUR without the need for cardholder bank accounts or credit checks. Its quick, fast, no hassle and it works!


Limit your expense exposure – by issuing Privée Card prepaid debit cards to your employees, you can ensure that expenses can’t be any more than the funds you allocated to the debit card, putting you back in charge of costs. Reporting is easy, quick and in real-time.


Use our Privée Card prepaid debit card to pay employees, contractors or agents. Send just one payment to your account with us and utilize our platform to distribute payments fast, while also avoiding the effort, time and trouble of running credit checks or requiring payees to have a bank account.


Our Privée Card prepaid debit card is a simple way to provide secure access to cash at ATMs and merchants worldwide via the Mastercard and Visa card networks. It’s available in three currencies – USD, GBP and EUR.

Global Transfers

Transfer funds to any Privée Card anywhere in the world securely within minutes. The end-to-end process is seamless and extremely cost effective compared to conventional banking processes, and will help you to reduce your operating expenses.

Global & Digital Prepaid Payment Solutions

  • Security on your Travels
  • Control your Expenses
  • Control your Commissions

Wallets & Payments

Get on-demand access to your loyalty points, airmiles etc., by utilizing our PrivéeCard payments solution. Our award-winning platform simplifies the process, allowing customers to spend directly from their currency derivative account with their PrivéeCard prepaid debit card. The cardholders will be able to have real time access to the value of their currencies at ATM’s, and will be able to spend at any POS terminal where Mastercard is accepted.


Our PrivéeCard payments solution is one of the most convenient way to pay your employees. You can set up a business account with us in as little as 72 hours. You can use our Partner portal to enrol employees, issue them with a personalized PrivéeCard, load funds onto employees’ cards and view reports. Immediate access to their funds and a user-friendly website and mobile app will guarantee full control, security and ultimately success for your business.


The PrivéeCard helps offshore companies set up and manage their money in a fast, efficient and secure way. By utilizing our award-winning payments platform, funds can be transferred from business accounts held with us to prepaid debit cards easily and instantly. Can be used by businesses in the following sectors: Maritime, Pensions, Construction, Trust distribution, Aviation and many more.

Endless Advantages


Welcome at Millions of Shops, Malls, ATM, Restaurants, E-Commerce Websites


EUR, USD, GBP - Three Major Currencies available


Accepted in more than 210 Countries and Territories


Ways to Use your PrivéeCard Prepaid Debit Card

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